Welcome to Library. All fan fiction in here are my creation. Original from my brain. The fan fiction sort by date, from the oldest (down) to newest (up). You can see the progress  of my work, right? (Tsk…. bahasa inggrisku, abaikan.)

그것을 잊지:  FIN

JOAH, the series:

  • Strange Girl 12 | 3 | 4 |
  • Beautiful Voice 1 | 2 | 3 |

Love is Painful: 1234 FIN

Why So Serious?, the series: Just a Dream (Taemin) | Nightmare Gift (Key)

Stalker?:  1 | 2| 3 FIN

You’re Not a Bad Boy, the series: DonghyunHyunseongJeongmin | Kwangmin | Youngmin | Minwoo

The Stupid Cupid: FIN

33 Days Contract: 1 | 2 FIN

Oppa, Ige Mwoyeyo?: FIN

Please, Don’t Go: 1 | 2 FIN

The Rival: 1 | 2 FIN

One Step: FIN

Angel in The Rain: FIN

The Third Chance: 1| 2 (STOPPED)

Magic  Princes: 1 (STOPPED)

I  Love You, But Sorry…: FIN

Because Of  You, short scene: 1| 2 | 3 FIN

The Endless Love: FIN

The Lily Tears: FIN

Oops… He Doesn’t Know My Name: FIN

You’re Not My Destiny: 1 | 2 FIN  (Sequel of “Don’t Love Me Like That”)

Oh  My Ghost: FIN

Don’t Love Me Like That: FIN

Love Is SPY: 1 | 2 FIN

A Promise for You: FIN

Thank and Love: FIN


Dangsin-ui komenteuneunjuseyo

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