‎[UPDATE]SMTown World Tour III in Indonesia Confirmed 22 September 2012 Venue Stadium Utama Gelora Bung Karno !!!!!!! Let’s wait for announce

Set List SMTown World Tour III
1.SHINee – Lucifer (remix)
2.SHINee – Amigo (remix)
3.SHINee – Juliette
4.Super Junior – Superman
5.Super Junior – Don’t Don (remix)
6.DBSK – The Way You Are
7.DBSK – Mirotic
8.Super Junior – Put Your Hands Up
9.Super Junior – Bonamana (remix)
10.f(x) – Hot Summer
11.f(x) – NU ABO
12.Taeyeon – Devil’s Cry
13.Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run
14.Girls’ Generation – Genie
15.Girl’s Generation – Kissing You
16.SHINee – The SHINee World (Doo-
17.SHINee – Love Like Oxygen
18.Super Junior – Oops (feat. f(x))
19.Onew & Luna – Can I Have This
Dance (High School Musical 3)
20.Jessica & Krystal – California Gurls
(Katy Perry)
21.Changmin & Kyuhyun – Just The
Way You Are (Bruno Mars)
22.Super Junior Eunhyuk & Donghae –
Oppa Oppa
23.EXO – History
25.TaeTiSeo – Twinkle
26.Amber, Kris, and Key – Like a G6
(Far East Movement)
27.Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (remix)
28.Super Junior – A-CHA
29.DBSK – Maximum
30.DBSK – Keep Your Head Down
31.BoA – Look Who’s Talking
32.BoA – Energetic
33.BoA – One Dream (feat. Key and
34.BoA – I Did It For Love
35.BoA – Hurricane Venus
36.Girl’s Generation – Himnae
37.Girl’s Generation – Gee
38.Super Junior – Dancing Out
39.SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (remix)
40.f(x) – Pinocchio
41.SHINee – Sherlock
42.Girl’s Generation – The Boys
43.Super Junior – Mr. Simple
44.DBSK – Rising Sun
45.SM Town closing song

Akankah SMTOWN at Jakarta benar? Siap-siap galau deh ^^